Zhengzhou BAOLUAN Municipal Facilities Co., Ltd is a high-tech company engaged in research and development of new environmental friendly materials, production, and exporting. All of the factory workers are rich experience in FRP products manufacturing. The main products are FRP/GRP Manhole Covers, Artistic Manhole Covers, Water Storm Manhole Covers, Trench Drain Covers, Gully Grates, Sewerage Gratings, Trench Covers, Water Gratings etc. Fiber rein forced polymer is made from unsaturated polyester resin; more than ten kinds of composite materials are mixed for pressing under the normal temperature. Because there is no metal contain, so it is completely solves the problems of being stolen.  Using the unique processing of tough fiberglass rebar for the main load bearing instead of traditional steel rebar, t...
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Factory Add: Guodian Industrial Area, Zhengzhou, China.Office Add: RM.24-25, Building 7, C Area, Zheng Dong Building Materials City, Zhengzhou, China.Tel:400-9915-966