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frp sanitary sewer manhole cover en124 b125 800mm


1. High load capacity & resilience, strictly apply to en 124 standard.

2. Designed structure & pressure dispersion, arc-shape bottom shares good dispersion of pressure.

3. Consequences of temporarily overloading is no breaking.

4. Safety options, no recycle value.

5. Light weight compared with casting iron.

6. Long service life, more than 30 years

7. No color fading after years of weathering.

8. No noise when vehicle passing.


a. Underground Electrical Installations: Draw pits, traffic lights, street lighting, fiber optic cable ducts;

b.Telecommunications: Connection charmbers, water, gas, petrol-chemical installations;

c. Urban Building Solutions: Pedestrians and comparable areas, car parking decks, gully tops;

d. Road Construction: Road cover and the load is suit for all the road vehicles.

 Item  Clear opening  Cover size  Frame size  Height  Load capacity
 1 Ø600mm  Ø670mm  Ø770mm  70mm  B125/C250
 2 Ø600mm  Ø690mm  Ø790mm  100mm  D400/E600
 3 Ø800mm  Ø900mm  Ø1000mm  100mm  C250/D400


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