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What's your advantage?

 Arc-shaped bottom structure allows the pressure they bear disperse averagely on the whole surface. Besides, the products are made not by SMC, it was put in several layers of fiber cloth to enhance the structures. So they are stronger than SMC composite manhole covers.


Can you do bigger sizes?

Yes, we do, the biggest one we have done is 1350mm diameter.


Can you OEM?

Yes, sure, we can. Please send us your design draft to us, we will arrange molding.


Do you have warranty?

Yes, we guarantee customers 3 years free replacement if any quality problems happen.

Factory Add: Guodian Industrial Area, Zhengzhou, China.Office Add: RM.24-25, Building 7, C Area, Zheng Dong Building Materials City, Zhengzhou, China.Tel:400-9915-966